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About us

Frames and bicycles since 1957

Our frames


Mach frame, 3Al-2.5V Titanium, Road Racing model but also Gravel, TIG welded, ICS Disc system but also Rim brake.

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Stainless steel

X-Fire frame, Granfondo Racing model, Custom XCR tubing, TIG welded, ICS Disc system but also Rim Brake.

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Fire frame, Road Racing model but also suitable for Gravel, Custom Spirit tubing, TIG welded with the exception of the custom seat post junction.

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PRP2 frame, Custom AEGIS aluminum, TOP Racing model for lightweight and rigidity, TIG welded, ICS Disc system but also Rim brake.

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About Us

Tommasini has been producing and marketing racing bicycles since the post-war period. The Tommasini brand is a reality built on history and experience, which, combined with continuous technological research, allows the company to be a modern and competitive presence in the sector

All of Tommasini's production is completely artisanal and carried out by highly specialized technicians entirely in Italy, at the Grosseto facility in Tuscany

In recent years, the bicycle market has revolved around the introduction of carbon as the primary material. It is precisely the continuous research that Tommasini conducts day by day on construction materials that has allowed the company to create frames that reconcile lightness with a comfort previously unknown

The company policy has always been linked to quality, using the finest materials and innovative technology because the Tommasini bicycle must be a unique experience for the rider. The work of our master craftsmen allows an optimal care of finishes and details, a work made of style and passion. The same ones that those who decide to buy one of our products have.

Stages of production

The stages of production of every Tommasini frame are developed on the bases of the customer's requests of personalized geometry, selected material and type of use.

Once the customer's requests are defined, we proceed by cutting and mitering the tubes in order to start basting the frame with the custom desired geometry. Consequently, we continue with TIG welding for the more modern frames or with brazing for the classic lugged frames.

Filing and cleaning are provided before TIG or braze-on bosses and sleeves application.

A first main alignment control is done before sending the frames to the anti-rust or anti-oxidation treatments. Chrome plating for the brazed frames, cataforesi for the TIG welded one, high polishing for Titanium and Stainless steel.

At their return to the factory, the frames will be completed in the painting area with the designs and colors agreed with the customer.

Bicycle assembling and packing for shipping complete the process. In facts, the Tommasini Factory ship worldwide both frame and forks only and complete bikes according to demand.