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From an idea arose during the pandemic lock down is born Libera, the new City Bike of Tommasini, to ease the outdoor urban mobility with an extremely smooth and elegant product.

The Tommasini style concept of a city bike, with micro fusion custom cast lugs, chrome plated as the drive side chainstay and the fork.

Libera is built with Lady and Gentleman frames and it is equipped with a rear rack and fenders and battery lights.

Libera is available in 3 sizes frames for both lady and gentleman, as listed in the following chart, and in 3 standard colors, but Libera -“Free” is also the possibility to select a custom color!

At last but not at least, Libera city bike is available as a complete bike assembled with Shimano Tiagra 10spd and Shimano RS wheels.

Libera Uomo
Taglia Altezza (H) Lunghezza (L)
Piccola 50 56
Media 52 57
Grande 55 58,5

Libera Donna
Taglia Altezza (H) Lunghezza (L)
Piccola 47 56
Media 49 57
Grande 52 58,5

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